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About Alkim

Alkim is an international manufacturer/export/import company and a supplier of  raw chemical materials, based in Turkey. After nearly forty years of production and supplying chemical products such as nitrocellulose lacquers and industrial coatings, as well as presence in the supply chain of the largest color and ink companies in the region, Alkim has now introduced new ways and resources to supply raw materials from the rich and cheap sources of the Middle East for all the world. Economically speaking, the Middle East has always been one of the best sources of raw materials for petrochemical products. We guarantee the quality of our products by our mutual cooperation with and supervision of the raw material manufacturers, and benefiting from adept experts and well-equipped laboratories. Our engineers support the customers before the purchase by providing the best possible purchase offers so that the specifications of the products match the customers’ desire, until after the final product is manufactured. Commitment has always been one of Alkim’s fundamental principles. Alkim customers around the world get their requested products and services in accordance with their organization's standards in due time, given our close relationship with the manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and the implementation of a specific procedure in monitoring the work commitment, the quality and timing of delivery.

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